News at Change Solutions UK

August 2013 – Completion of managers orientation e-learning package

August 2013 – Completion of infection control e-learning package

January 2013 – Contract award for position based reporting for mandatory training and Oracle talent management.

January 2013 – Contract award to project lead staff data for PCT closure.  Set-up of new VPD and eight CCGs.

December 2012 – Delivery of new ePay e-learning package specific for Trust

July 2012 – Interim coaching, training and support provided for new ESR manager.

December 2011 – Demerge project management for PCT.

November 2011 – E-learning development contract awarded across a range of mandatory subjects.

October 2011 – Recruitment module enhancement and merge advisor to Mental Health Trust.

September 2011 – Learning and development reporting tool support contract awarded for NHS Acute Hospital.

April 2011 – Full self-service and e-learning deployment contract across NHS Acute Hospital. IIM technical advisory services provided.

December 2010 - E-learning support arrangements extended in NHS Acute Hospital.  New statutory and mandatory reporting tool is now available.

December 2010 - Be-spoke developer and provider of e-learning packages service launched.

November 2010 - Compliance project in Ambulance Trust gets green light.

November 2010 - E-learning project goes live in Community services organisation which will increase compliance figures and opportunities for learning.

October 2010 - OLM Compliance project commences in Acute. Manager with Employee self-service project is the first full completion in the south east region for a Community services organisation.

August 2010 - OLM Compliance reporting support provided to Large Acute

June 2010 - Compliance reporting takes on a new identity

May 2010 - PCT undertakes ESR health check

April 2010 - E-learning pilot success resulting in full implementation.

January 2010 - Sussex Branch 'Partners in Practice' the philosophy of Positive Leadership Practices revealed.

December 2009 - OLM enhancement project commences with Ambulance Trust.

June 2009 - E-learning Project commenced in General Hospital.

May 2009 - Self-Service Project is initiated in PCT.

February 2009 - OLM project goes live one month ahead of schedule.   Workstructure review and action plan results in improved reporting for acute hospital.

January 2009 - Early implementation of e-learning material project commenced with PCT.

December 2008 - RA5 achieved for NHS Trust.

August 2008 - RA5 achieved one month early, OLM and Self Service project secured

June 2008 - Lead Consultant implements with Mental Health Trust the HRMI recommendations to increase the added value from the NHS Electronic Staff Records system

March 2008 - NHS ESR (Oracle) Project secured with PCT to deliver RA5 and data quality

January 2008 - Updated Website launched

December 2007 - Lead Consultant Joins NHS (ESR)  Management Information review project

August 07 - ILM accredited workshop and Web programmes have been revised to meet the NQF standards.

July 07 - CSUK links with CCGI in California USA to bring Positive Leadership Skills© to UK.

June 07 - Successful completion of HRIS project.

November 06 - Launch of new 'flexible on demand' HR and Training service for SMEs'

August 06 - Signed up to 'Lets do Business' event in November in Hastings

June 06 - Involved in delivering a CIM accredited Level 5 Diploma Graduate training programme.


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